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Re: Good Online Coin Selling Practices

This is a great set of questions, I would be interested in seeing a compilation of answers. I'm no expert, but do buy coins, so if I may, from the buyers perspective: 1. I don't think it's that high, more like $10 - 12 for standard coins submitted in groups of 10 or so, but it's been a while since I sent any in. 2. I don't know when it makes sense for the seller, but as a buyer $100 is right on the money for me. I am unlikely to buy a coin at >$100 uncertified because I judge uncertified coins to be higher risk when trying to grade using photos on-line. The pain factor and cost of returning goods is too much. Certified coins are no guarantee, but I find they more likely represent a coin that I want for my collection so I play the odds. 3. As a buyer, I am not looking for faultless grading, I'm looking for an insurance that the coin for sale probably fits within a window that meets my collectible goals. So, the added TPG eyes help my not having the coin in hand as I would in a coin store. I may not like the actual coin, irrespective of the TPGers opinion, when I get it and so I hesitate to do business with on-line sellers who do not allow returns on graded coins. My gut feel is that TPG and on-line selling go hand in hand. In my opinion, a TPG grade helps ease a transaction at a certain price point. That price point will be different for different buyers and sellers and I would be interested to see what those levels are for the people who post here. Thank you,

flyingscot, 1/24/2011
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