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Suspicious-looking 1881H 50c on eBay

While surfing eBay I came across an unusual 1881H raw Victoria 50c with what looks to be an E punched over G in REGINA, turning what originally was RGGINA into REGINA. Also, the tops of the letters in DEI appear to be missing.

I tried to copy the image but couldn't. The item listing is 200570813335. Anyone care to take a look and tell me what you think?

Crossing St. Lawrence, 1/30/2011
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Suspicious-looking 1881H 50c on eBay (Crossing St. Lawrence, 1/30/2011)
 [this post has been deleted by its author] (1/31/2011)
 Re: Suspicious-looking 1881H 50c on eBay (mikeymar, 1/31/2011)

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