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A question for Rob - 1858 SP66RB

The below listing is for a (superb) 1858 SP66RB. What a perfect occasion to test acquired knowledge! I am having problem identifying the Obverse and Reverse of the coin in the listing.

The reverse seems a RC23 (see leave 9 with big bulbous stem). This reverse should be mated to OB9 (straight N of Canada) but the obverse has a scalopped N of Canada.

The coin's obverse seems to be a OA1 (used for trial specimen piece) but this obverse is mated with RA4 which has the Leave 9 with a part missing part on the stem.

Now could it be that the coin is a trial specimen piece instead of a plain old specimen piece? Is it possible to have a OA1 paired with a RC23?? If in error, where did I err???


Grav, 2/7/2011
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