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New Paypal scam...

Just a heads up. this was sent to me..

Dear Customer, As part of our security measures, we regularly screen activity in the PayPal system. During a recent screening, we noticed an issue regarding your account. We have reason to believe that your account was accessed by a third party and some unauthorized transactions were made. For your protection, we will limit access to your account until additional security measures can be completed. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. To review your account and and update some or all of the information that PayPal used to make its decision to limit your account access, please go to the next link : http://www.paypal.com/ca/SendRefund-outside We thank you for your prompt attention to this matter. Please understand that this is a security measure intended to help protect you and your account. We apologize for any inconvenience. Sincerely, PayPal Account Review Department PPID PP11890

Note the hyperlink they want you to go to is in his/her name?


shimster, 2/13/2011
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