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OT Considerate Mouse

We spent some time at the cottage this past weekend. Turns out another guest had also spent a little time...

The first clue was a thoroughly shredded lowest roll of toilet paper on the "on deck" stand in the bathroom. While that mess was collected for disposal, a search began for the inevitable other signs of the visit.

That search was quickly interrupted by the discovery of the culprit (or ex-culprit) lying on its side, dead, at the bottom of the kitchen garbage container. It seems the rodent had climbed, jumped, or fallen into the unlined container and was unable to clamber back out due to the smooth plastic construction.

In its short time at the cottacge, it left a few droppings in the lower kitchen cabinets (apparently its entry point, via openings for plumbing pipes, from the crawl space below), had barely begun building a nest in a corner near an electric radiator, and consumed absolutely none of our food before succumbing to the fates.

Although these discoveries led to a fairly early start to spring cleaning, I have never seen a rodent considerate enough to use toilet paper in the first instance and self-dispose in the second!

2centsworth, 2/22/2011
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