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Counterfeit update Knew it had to happen

When the "marker project" was initiated here on CCRS, one of the first comments I made was an apoligy in very general terms to any individuals actually owing examples of coins exhibiting the markers used.........with almost all denominations I (we) who charted the markers had a cross section of dates done by the counterfeiters....thus allowing common marks (dings bangs etc) of the obverse to act as identifiers. But go figure.....the large brown coin crowd just had to stir the pot so to speak......... with only two counterfeit examples........1858 and 1859, the markers (dings bangs etc) were not available......but the incredible die breaks along with the detached nose was enough for me to publish. I have acted exactly 19 times on counterfeit 1858/59 fakes on Ebay. There was never a doubt as to them being fake........but on every single one I always checked for a detached bridge of the nose.......

I would, at this time, like to thank Dan-in-Crystal Lake for keeping me honest. He has provided physical proof that yes....the fakes are the result of actual coins...........we had it out at Torex thanks to ChitownRay, and compared it to images from my stuff.....yup there it was.....A g6/vg8 all crack as close as swearing but the nose was the key. We can not report a coin as fake if we are not absolutely positive. Then we will stomp hard. but why oh why the copper guys LOLOLOL Thanks to all involved. They thought we were nuts at the bar. With thanks Mikey

mikeymar, 2/28/2011
CCRS member since: 12/10/2005
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