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The February 2011 Torex

Thanks to everyone who came out to last weekend's Torex at the Hilton Toronto Airport Hotel. It was a really great show with lots of positive energy. I was very happy to see and catch up with so many CCRS'ers there. For me personally, this was one of the best Torex shows.

Saturday was a bit stressful for me, in addition to my regular show management responsibilties I had to literally manage the hotel parking situation to make sure everyone who came out to the show got a parking spot as quick as possible. Many people were offered free valet parking vouchers to park next door at Park 'n Fly or, if available, free parking was made available to Torex attendees at the front of the Hilton hotel.

Thank you to everyone for coming and I hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did! See you in June!

Brian R. Smith, 3/1/2011
CCRS member since: 3/21/2002
2012 CCRS Patron
Posts: 1423

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