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Lower Canada Auction Catalogue available

Hi all!

Yes its that time again, for the shameless plug, thank you Brian.

The auction catalogue is available in .pdf format at www.lowercanadaauction.com and can also be viewed and bid on through our site ( click here to bid link ). It is part 2 of our Monster Sale ( no reserve ).

We are also having a 187 lots auction at the Boucherville Club www.anpb.net on March 12, 2011. No online bidding but we accept email bids for the peoples that can't make it there. The .pdf is also on the site at the bottom, no picture but a link. Have a look, there is some good material there and the consignment is from a club member. We will be having those Club auction 3 times a year in Boucherville.

Any information you need, please email me.


mlc, 3/7/2011
CCRS member since: 3/26/2003
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e-mail: info@lowercanadaauction.com

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Lower Canada Auction Catalogue available (mlc, 3/7/2011)

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