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Colonial UC-4

Been looking for this one for a while. In 2009, I bought a UC-4A3 on ebay for about $30. I had gone by the 2009 Charlton, which I later found out had misidentified the varieties; turns out it was the more common UC-4A1. I was lucky enough to be able to resell it, for almost what I paid, since I already had a better one.

At the time I found out about the error in the catalogue, I mentioned it here and the message was received by the publidhers. Seems the 2000 copy had the corredt identification. Since that time, I've hoped to find one, as always, a bargain price. I think I'm not the only one that got fooled. I managed to find this one for under $30 US. UC-4A3 vertical wheat table, points to N. Man near H.

Terry T, 3/11/2011
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