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Rob! Help! 1893 Mark on I of Gratia

I classified seven 1893 large cent as per your sub-punch numbering system. I have 5 O2AB and all of them have a renmant of mark of the I; one like the left picture and four like the middle picture of Figure 5-6 (page 76). Is that normal since Figure 7-13 (page 119) mentions that there should not be any marks? I have one O2AA and one O2AC with no mark at all on the I.

Do we have to allow some leeway like the chip in E and tick in N of Regina for rough repair area or tool marks? Thanks.

Grav, 3/13/2011
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Rob! Help! 1893 Mark on I of Gratia (Grav, 3/13/2011)
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