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Re: Rob! Help! 1893 Mark on I of Gratia


First of all thanks for the feedback. I really appreciate it and it will make the next edition even better.

The obverse C4 punch O2AB is interesting in that it was the least "corrected" obverse C4 punch. It still had the re-punched "G" and several other marks that can be traced back to 1876.

After reading your post I went through about a hundred 1893 cents. Some of the 1893 O2AB cents showed a "ghosting" of the mark on the "I" in GRATIA, and some did not. By ghosting, I mean on the coins the mark is sometimes faintly visible, but it is not raised in relief. In my opinion the engraver removed the mark on O2AB, but on well struck coins in early die states the partial outline of where it was sometimes shows. I have multiple coins struck from same OA2B dies where it shows on one some coins but not others.

This differs from the obverse C2 punches shown in Figure 5-6. On those three punches the remnants of the mark were raised in relief and show up in relief on coins struck by dies from these three punches.

I think in the next edition, I may put an explanatory note in Figure 7-13 to try to eliminate confusion.

I hope this helps and thanks, Rob

stokrooky, 3/13/2011
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