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Windmill update from below......

Paypal had ordered the website mentioned a while ago toremove all Canadian content. Yes I know....1 is still up....I am trying out a new thingy to have it removed as well. I took the liberty of contacting NGC as well as PCGS about how I did it. NGC was very interested. PCGS seems to be too automated and/or the operators send me in loops as not 1 (NF1) phone call was returned. I did try the info@blablabla to try to get a response. If the new thingy works I will be providing the link in an on-line blitz. Seems strange how things can get done in 10 days what certain Companies have been trying to do for months/years. NGC was a tad surprised (chortle) to find out that in 10 days things can be done? For the record.....I attempted to contact the Mint here in Canada about this...as the site was using pictures provided by the RCM....guess what....no response......I am going to bill the gov't for my time........

mikeymar, 3/14/2011
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