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Re: Ebay now

Are you kidding? Ebay is the greatest thing since sliced bread despite what some say. Rather than focus on the negative, some of us should realize the world market potential buying and selling.

Sure, I've heard some horror stories, but I've bought and sold regularly in a few different unrelated fields since 1998, and have never been "ripped off", buying or selling.

I've have had 2 lost packages coming to me however, one coin(expresspost) and one other, neither where ever found.

Fees are always a sore point, and I'd agree that with the huge amount of merchandise moving, the fees should go down not up. Maybe that's why they have listing fee sales every few months. Anyway, ebay's fees are still cheaper than most consignment stores or auctions.

Paypal is the greatest for convenience, although the rate is now quite excessive. Before paypal, you'd have to wait for money orders... then they'd send a cheque instead, then you'd have to go to the bank to deposit them... then bank wouldn't take certain M/Os, and you'd have to mail it back. etc etc....paypal is way safer and quick. However, I don't like how Ebay doesn't let a seller accept money orders,and it is justifed for them to say there's too many problems. But the underlying truth is that they can't take a cut if it isn't an electronic payment.

On the whole, people are generally honest, and whether they're collecting toys or coins, are usually just trying to build a collection and sell off duplicates. Its when you try to buy a TV or something from a sesller with no history in a foreign country when you can run into trouble.

Don't believe it when you hear it's just crawling with crooks and junk, if it wasn't for ebay, a few of my collections (not coins) would be pathetic.

numismateer, 3/15/2011
CCRS member since: 3/3/2003
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