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Re: Canadian BV?

OK sorry for the confusion. Please tell me if this sounds correct or way out to lunch:

Canadian 5 cent 1870-1901 Total Weight = 1.16 grams, silver is .925 thus total weight of silver in this coin is 1.073 grams.

If silver is $35 US per troy oz, (which is 31.1034 grams) each gram is worth $1.12527 US.

Thus the B.V. of this coin would be $1.2074 US? If my dealer would sell me old Canadian 5cent pieces at B.V. 50 would cost me $60.37. Surely there would be some keeps in a 50 coin batch.....

If this is true I could calculate the other coins accordingly. ed

nybirdy, 3/16/2011
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