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Nuphilex Spring 2011 - The Cosmic Jester is a hardass!

I took Friday off so that I could gaily (stop snickering and check the Concise Oxford dictionary) partake in Nuphilex, hoping to make off with a loot of large cent varieties at trends. Since I am so gifted in finding 1859 DP N9 (this is self-inflicted sarcasm), I decided to add two new challenges in my collecting efforts: getting a coin from each of the fifteen known 1890H dies and a coin of all the punches used for a given obverse in a given year (as per Robís book). Easier said than done! I really struck out at the Boucherville coin show, buying double of already obtained punch types.

Sadly, the Cosmic Jester saw me coming in and decided to mock me. So much for upgrading varieties to a better grade, all I found was more coins in VG quality! I did obtain an 1881H double die clash in VG (that goes well with my single die clash in VG). 1859 DP N9 varieties remain as elusive as moderately priced gasoline or a street free of potholes in Montreal. No luck in obtaining O2AC and AD punched coins in the 1890ís. I did buy three 1890H (in VG) which, after some WD-40 cleaning, made me realize that most of my previously acquired 1890H were wrongly identified.

Ah well, a so-so day at a coin show always beats a fantastic day at the office. The only morsel thrown by the Cosmic Jester was a VF 1876H full bottom serif T of Victoria with a DP D of Canada. I may finally have the full 1876H trio but the Cosmic Jester remains a real hardass!

Grav, 3/25/2011
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