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Re: Nuphilex Spring 2011 - The Cosmic Jester is a hardass!

Ah, the '76 trio... this is a nice set to complete. Glad to see you've managed that one.

I was up at the Calgary show a couple of weeks back. It's rare that I get to a Canadian show so this was a treat. I was looking for large cents as usual. What I found is exactly what you described. Lots of silver but the Victoria large cents were mostly lower grade, cleaned or damaged and not a lot of choice. There was some nice high end stuff but very little in the middle circ grades of VF-EF. I did pick up a couple of nice 1858's as I continue to flesh out that group by die pair.

The other side of the coin was I did get a chance to chat with Sandy and Ron from this board and a few other dealers I had bought from in the past.

Off to a local show here on Sunday with my daughter. We'll see what that brings.

Dan in Crystal Lake, 3/26/2011
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