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Australian Market

Just got back last night from 3 weeks in Australia (26 hours of straight travelling, through Hong Kong, and a 12 hour time change; at the moment, I think my tongue is hanging out). While there, I spoke to some of the local coin people about the market.

The Australian market appears to be going through one of those market cycles where the top part of the market is going crazy. I'm told that there are a hand full of new high-end collectors in the market, competing fiercely for the very best coins, and willing to pay much more than catalogue for the best pieces. Also, PCGS is acquiring significant credibility with this group of collectors, so that coins in PCGS holders that are highest-graded are being chased especially hard. My initial thought was that I've already seen this movie, with Canadian content! My next thought was "sellers' market, if you have the right material.

AussieBob, 3/26/2011
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