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Kingston Coin Show this past weekend.

Visited Ted Bailey's EONS show in Kingston ON on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning. Good attendance from what I saw on Saturday, with most attendees seemingly there to buy or sell bullion.

Imagine the dealers' enthusiasm plummeting however, upon learning that there were three major ads in the Kingston newspaper for itinerant buyers setting up at hotels and in the shopping malls with the prices posted for purchasing in their ads. One advertisement even quoted buying old silver dollars at 14X face .... (reputable buying at the coin show was 18X - 19X face). Imagine those same dealers' jaws dropping even further upon learning that the newspaper had made a mistake with Ted Bailey's ad for buying which instead of quoting 18X face, it was printed 8X face !!

carpman, 4/4/2011
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Kingston Coin Show this past weekend. (carpman, 4/4/2011)
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