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Re: Just a run of the mill '59?

Appears to be (if it's possible to have a run of the mill 1859). My 1859 gamble, which I posted in your previous "gamble" post, was a bust.

Had better luck on an 1893 cent I got this week. Wasn't really a gamble as the total cost was only $3.50. Has small scratches on the reverse, but it's a double-punched 3 like Charlton 2011 pg. 327.


I'm also hoping another couple of gambles will pay off. Won a real crappy-looking lot, but that badly cleaned 1881H sure looks like it has the die clash (page 308).


Also waiting for an 1882H cent which may have the around-the-clock doubling. Fingers crossed.

Terry T, 4/4/2011
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