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I burst a dealer's bubble...

Went to a coin show at the Westchester County Center (NY) today. A mostly-US coins dealer saw me wandering around with my Charlton catalogue and asked me if I wanted to see some Canadian coins. But of course said I.

Nothing extraordinary in his stock but he saved his "best" one for last, a 1953 5c SF in a 2 x 2 marked $4,000.00. He was going to send it in to get certified, until I told him his piece was not a Far Leaf. Poor old fellow, he was crestfallen when his 4-figure piece dropped down to 1-figure.

Overall the show was uneventful, although I did pick up a nice MS 1913 5c for $20 and an 1882-H 10c which looks like it has a high, very large 2, when compared to Charlton photos. I have to do a little research, but it is not in the book. Also, a VG 1888 narrow 8 twenty-five cents.

Crossing St. Lawrence, 4/9/2011
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