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Re: Confederation Medal on ebay

For those that don't know, the new Eimer book is out: British Commemorative Medals & Their Values.

I picked this up at the Baltimore show for $125 US. It has a limited printing of 2000 books. This is a must for any serious UK medal collector. The photos are drop dead gorgeous. Old copies of his book, long out of print, were going for multiple hundreds of dollars when they could be found. Don't wait too long, as I suspect the supply will dry up, and prices for these will then skyrocket.

The Confederation Medal in bronze is Eimer # 1590. Its current value is 350 pounds in VF and 650 pounds in EF. Thus at $590 US, the buyer got a nice deal. That sometimes happens on ebay. Selling through a national auction would likely net the seller a better return.

jmc, 4/11/2011
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