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Re: ?????????

While I am not a Canadian, I do respect the right to free speach. There are many facets of CCRS that I enjoy, and would hate to see "them go". I am a member of several forums, and they all have one thing in common: NO Obscene langiuage. There are young children, and Ladys, who are members, also. I respect them. I recall a very long, and heated discussion between two members, who shall be nameless, but i had the opportunity to read all of it, and draw my own conclusions. There were no obscenities, but each had a firm grip on what he/she believed. I respect that. It is the enjoyment of FREE SPEACH. Each went their own ways, and the forum was NEVER threatened. In the US, we have the right to say what we think, and attend the consequences. If I call our President a black SOB, that is ny right, even though i may be only half right. I understand he is a half-breed. IMHO, I think the forum would be just as well off,, and much happier, if left alone, and the normal chit-chat went on, like we do in every other, whether in Inglish, or French. I am a relatively newbie, also, and some things may not set right with me, but "You can't win them all"! Dick

Dick, 4/13/2011
CCRS member since: 7/15/2010
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