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Re: Jeez Louise

George, I very recently have asked people not make references to Matrix1980 directly or indirectly on this discussion. This issue was brought to my attention via the CCRS Feedback form. I take all complaints to the CCRS very seriously. The feedback form is a mechanism I have worked on over the years for people to contact the webmaster if they have a complaint for example.

In this case especially, please do not make references on the CCRS to any banned members of this website who do not have the ability to post here to at least defend themselves. I think that is obvious.

I want the CCRS to avoid degrading into a negative environment possibly inciting odious name calling, character assassinations and mocking. I would hope that the focus here should always be on respect and camaraderie and passion for the hobby of numismatics.

Brian R. Smith, 4/15/2011
CCRS member since: 3/21/2002
2012 CCRS Patron
Posts: 1423

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