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Re: Looking for advice on taking coin photos...

Thank you for the info. I will send you my email as I would like to read and learn about axcial set up. I use a old Kodak Easy Share C433 4MP digital. I use the macro setting. I have the camera sitting flat on my desk with the coin aprox. 4.5" from the lens of the camera. I have the coin positioned standing on end on a foam insert from a ring box. I inserted a white piece of cardboard in the slot of the foam to use a backboard for the coin to rest against. The coin stands on end perfectly and the insert is just the correct size for the camera. I use either 2x or 3x zoom depending on the coin size. I adjust the exposure compensation to either -1.0 to -2.0 depending on the coin. I use 2 pieces of paper to filter the flash as needed. I want to get my hands on some small lights that I can position as needed. Hopefully in the near future.

cladhunter13, 4/28/2011
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