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US 1 cent holders

I am starting to slowly acquire a set of US 1 cents and would like to find a suitable album to hold them in.

I am looking for something whereby one can see both sides and has descriptors for each slot. I was looking at the Whitman Classic Albums, however it appears from the images i have been able to find that there is no writings for each of the inserts and instead it all appears on a separate page? Can anyone confirm this for me? Has well, i'd like if at all possible the album to be closer in size to 8.5 X 11 if at all possible. For my Cdn cent collection, i have been using Eagle Ultra albums, however their overall size is smaller, which i'd like to avoid if possible. Plus on the Cdn side, there is no descriptors, which however i knew going into the original purchase.

Does such albums exist? I'd like to stay away from encapsulated coin albums if at all possible.


harleywilliam, 4/30/2011
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