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Re: Silver Price

Prescious metals will ALWAYS flucutuate. It is a documented fact. So if you save one of them, look at it like the Stock market players do. One day it is up, next day down a bit, or vice-a-versa. That is the way it works. If you want a "theory' as to how to act, try this: If the price goes up to a certain level, sell. If the price drops to a certain level, BUY. You decide what the margin is, and act accordingly. After all, you know what you paid for that which you now have, and if you have made a profit, over your costs, you are lucky. If you have suffered a loss, you bough, when the price was up, and should have been selling. I'm no expert, and I don't buy gold. never have. I have bought a lot of silver, and just hold it. My monthly expenses are covered, so no need to run down to the nearest coin shop, to sell what I have.

"I gave up trying to live like my neighbors. They are in worse condition, than I".

Dick, 5/4/2011
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