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Re: 1891 Cent Help needed please

This SDSL cent is a pairing of Die O2X-S2 with the generic SDSL reverse R1R-S99.

Most of the SDSL reverse dies have no die cracks and no re-punching or re-engraving to positively identify the die. Hence the generic reverse die designation of S99.

The obverse has the characteristic die crack through the last A in CANADA of Die O2X-S2. Not much mistaking that. As a double check, I just re-examined the plate coin from the book and the re-punched letters in the legend all match.

The second obverse crack to form on this die was a faint die crack from the rim through the N in REGINA. I do not see this crack on your photos.

It looks like there are also die cracks through the C in CANADA. The ones I examined for the book did not have die cracks here, so this one is probably a later die state than those coins I examined for the book.

Assuming those are die cracks in the C, then the faint DC in the N in REGINA was likely obscured by a filled die. If those are not die cracks in the C, then I would say the DC in the N had not formed when this coin was struck.

stokrooky, 5/11/2011
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