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Re: 1987 Loonie No Clash

hmmm ...

Thanks for weighing in further guys.

I can see why there may be problems with the clash idea, given the offset of the funky lines relative to the photo overlay. But I'm also wondering how the delamination process can produce linear features. Not disagreeing, rather, I don't get it.

This'll be something to chat about when I bring the coins into Fall TOREX. By the way, I was fishing though a junkie collection at a local dealer's "Foreign Coin" section, and saw a circulated 1987 Loonie with the same feature. It was banged up, so I didn't buy it, but thought it was interesting that the feature was there again.

Cheers, Ray

Chi-TownRay, 5/15/2011
CCRS member since: 2/12/2011
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