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Re: Regitko column - Dick

I have been very busy for some time, and had gotten fehind on my reading, so I didn't se it. I had forgotten about writing to John. His column is so educational, that I have mentioned it many times on other forums, to those who collect the errors. That is, and always has been my favorite area of collecting. When i started in erarnest, on the large cents, I also started the subscription th CCN. The first of a long series, that began with how the coins are made, and went thru the whole procvess, including the errors, varieties, how they happened. A very educational column, and many of the Lincoln cent collectors have learned a great deal from it. The Author of the column, Collectors Clearing House, in Coin World, (Mike Diamond) is another very savy guy. He is a regular on my other favorite forum, Coppercoins.com. It deals with US copper, and has sections for other denominations, as well as world coins.

Dick, 6/6/2011
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