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For The Newfoundland collectors....

A few years ago I wrote a piece in the CCN about the 1944 ten cent. Now for a bit of an update....

In 1944, because of the War, Minting was moved to Ottawa from the Royal Mint. The problems were;

1) striking characteristics changed from the .925 sterling to .800 fine in Canada. 2) Making the latter legal respective on the 1917 Currency act.

Now for the new stuff.

Picture yourself as the Head of the Colony/mint. The silver you just minted in 1945 at .800 fine is now legal. What do you do with the .925 silver in circulation that has the same denomination..?

Yep...that's right....You melt it and collect the 12% difference...

and there goes all the issues pre-1945 in Newfoundland...Ten cents and Five cents being the only pieces out there at the time...

Jerry, 6/8/2011
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