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Brantford Coin Show on Sunday.

JUNE 12, Brantford, ON

Brantford Numismatic Society 50th Annual Coin Show, Woodman Community Centre, 491 Grey St. Hours: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Free admission and parking, 35 dealers at 66 tables, member assistance for dealer unloading and parking. Display of Canadian coins, paper money, tokens, trade dollars, CTC coupons.

For more information contact Brantford Numismatic Society, PO Box 28071, North Park Plaza, Brantford, ON N3R 2S2, or Ed Anstett, telephone 519-759-3688, email edanstett@rogers.com.

carpman, 6/10/2011
CCRS member since: 8/2/2004
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