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RCNA auction observations

I have watched probably over 50% of the first two auctions. Most coins without reserves went well below trends. Of these, I would guess most sold for 20-50% of trends, with the rarer/higher grade coins doing somewhat better than the more common or lesser grade examples.

The auction catalogue reflected current trend prices as their estimates, and seldom approached these estimates. Dealers were pretty much the most active/consistent bidders.

I did not attend or follow the Bell, pre-RCNA sale, but understand the prices realized should be available tomorrow.

Accordingly, I would personally be hesitant to sell in today's market, unless I had no other choice. It seems to me the economy is hurting the Canadian market for most collectors. However, the well-positioned, astute buyer can acquire some very nice pieces at bargain basement prices.


jmc, 7/15/2011
CCRS member since: 4/2/2003
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