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Re: 2008 quarter

Hello and welcome to CCRS. While I don't collect most modern mint products, I suspect your quarter is one in which paint was applied to the reverse of the coin. The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) did this to many of their recent products, in hopes of attracting new collectors.

Unfortunately, paint on coins, can be removed as easily as it was applied. While I have no first hand knowledge of the particular coin, should a similar one be found and soaked in turpentine, I suspect the same results would occur.

If you can get to a local library, you can look at a current Charlton catalogue. These are now subdivided into modern mint products and older pieces. In this case, look for the modern edition.

You could also go to the RCM website, or Gatewest coin. Here is where you would want to be with Gatewest:


You can search there, and likely find your coin.

Information on the other coin can likely be found at the library as well. Check out the Krause catalogue of coins (1900-1999) and you should be able to find your 2c piece.

Good luck


jmc, 8/29/2011
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