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Shall we continue?

** Just a quick note to remind everyone ... this is a discussion forum, not a lecture forum ... so do feel free to jump in and share : ) ...

>> As others know, the great Jim Charlton started calling the uncirculated mint sets as proof-like about 1954, a term not used by the mint, only collectors...Rick<<

It is very possible that the descriptive term "Proof-like" did come from words spoken by J. E. Charlton and such may have been spoken (in conversation etc...), before such was put in print...

It is also very possible that over the years (1950's to present day) ... a myth has developed and as we all know, stories can take-on a life-of-their-own...

Yes ... anything is possible, until shown otherwise...

As I was not around the hobby scene in the 1950's ... all I am able to go by, is printed materials from the time-frame...

By way of reviewing older out-of-print coin books (50's & 60's) ... it appears that the hobby was attempting to arrive at a "Grading-Scale" that all could agree on...


Charlton 1958...

Definition of Coin Conditions...

Proof ... B.U. ... Unc. ... V.F. ... F. ... V.G.

*Proof sets are mentioned...

Charlton 1959...

Definition of Coin Conditions...

Proof ... Proof-like ... B.U. ... Unc. ... V.F. ... F. ... V.G.

*Proof sets are mentioned...

Canadian Coins, Currency & Tokens 1959

Standards of "Condition" of Coins

Proof ... B.U. ... UNC ... E.F. ... V.F. ... F. ... V.G. ... G.

*Proof sets and Proof Like Mint Sets ... are mentioned...

cbu, 9/8/2011
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