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Re: Shall we continue?

>>what makes it confusing, (to me, at least), id the use of P-L, and "Uncirculated" sets...Dick<<

Proof-Like appears to have been first used as a descriptive term within the "Grading-Scale" of the day...

Instead of just the small-number of sets that just-so-happen (by-chance) to have outstanding specimens ... being referred to as Proof-Like...

Somewhere along the line ... all "Mint sets", which are comprised of 100% uncirculated-coins from the good-coin-produced for the year ... were lumped into being referred to as proof-like..

Zoell 1961 (1st Edition)

Condition of Coins...

B.U. ... UNC ... X.F. ... V.F. ... F.

B.U. expanded >> BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED. A coin in this condition is BRAND NEW and has its full, original mint lustre (frost-like). Coins struck with highly polished dies are considered "Proof-like" and do not develop mint lustre very easily, due to their mirror-like surface. Such "proof-like" and fully struck coins, showing full, high relief, are worth from 50 to 100% more than the average, run-of-the-mill specimens.

Zoell 1962...

Grading of Coins...

G.U. ... B.U. ... Unc ... A.U. ... X.F. ...V.F. ... Fine

G.U. expanded >> GEM UNCIRCULATED. New and Superb in every respect. Full mint lustre, absolutely without abrasion, nicks, etc. Fully struck and well centered.

B.U. expanded >> BRILLANT UNCIRCULATED. A new coin with full mint lustre, may show slight abrasion due to handling in transportation, no wear or toning.

The "Evolution" of the "Grading-Scale" is certainly interesting and by reviewing the older coin-books ... it is much-like witnessing an on-going argument first-hand...

cbu, 9/10/2011
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