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War Medal Question

Are there any medal collectors out there who can help me with an identification question?

I recently bought a 1947, 5c piece, slabbed, with the notation: struck on foreign planchet. There is no weight on the certificate. The piece is slightly smaller than a normal 5c piece, with only a small section of denticles visible. The composition may be nickel, though it is possible that it is a different metal.

Obviously, if the coin were out of the slab, I could get an exact weight and spectral analysis to determine the composition.

While I am considering this, I read over the 1947 mint report. The mint was busy producing metals for the Dept of National Defense. My research shows no planchets or coins were made for other countries, with the exception of Newfoundland.

Which brings me to my question. Is anyone aware of any military metals which were produced during this time period, which were slightly smaller than a standard 5c piece? Thanks in advance for any and all responses.


jmc, 10/19/2011
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