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Re: 1926 far 6 nickel

Hi Edmond. Welcome to the site. I have studied this series a while back, dealing specifically with the question you have asked (though from a slightly different prospective). With the rarer dates, I could come to no conclusion. I did not have the ready supply to compare findings. That being said, it would not surprise me one bit to find the differences you describe. Determining the rarity would likely be quite difficult. A former member on this site also discovered more than the classic two 6's, which have yet to be recognized.

Also realize the near/far designations were also called concave and flat fields. These differences were found on both obverses and reverses. And this was not a new finding. Quite a few years ago, such information was published (if I remember correctly, in the CNA Journal) though they never caught on.

With the lack of reference books, Canadian numismatics (my opinion) still has a lot of growing to do. Large strides to rectify this are in the works, and most recently the works of Rob Turner are changing the way many look at the large cent series. There is a lot of numismatic knowledge out there, but only a little of it is in print.

If you like this site, you may wish to become a patron. This affords you an opportunity to search many subjects and see what has been written in years past. Again, welcome and good luck with your collecting endeavors.


jmc, 11/2/2011
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