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Re: 1955 Canadian Quarter

Hello Suzy. Welcome to the site. It is always good to have new collectors discover this sight, and the hobby itself. Way too few women, so you are doubly welcome.

One of the reasons you may not be able to distinguish where there is a shoulder fold on your coin is wear. As the coin circulates, much of the fine detail is lost. A trick to discover which variety you have is to look at the "I's" on the obverse. No shoulder fold (NSF) coins exhibit a flaired "I" while the shoulder fold (SF) variety has more of a block style "I". There are NSF cent coins which are quite valuable. The information JAM presented summarizes some of the 1953 production issues quite well.

I would recommend you consider the purchase of a current Charlton catalogue.

Link: http://www.charltonpress.com/Numismatics2.asp

There are others on the market, which are also useful, though most collectors consider Charlton to be definitive. You may be able to find this at a local library as well.

As your collecting interests develop, you may also find the publication "Canadian Coin News" also quite useful. Here is that link:


I would also direct you to the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association. This organization is designed for collectors at all levels:


They have developed courses designed to teach collectors:


You may find these (there are two) most helpful. They cover a wide variety of coin topics. The RCNA has membership levels for adults and youth, as well as electronic and paper journals.

Again, welcome to the hobby. Should you have other questions, please feel free to post them here. There are no questions that are too basic. It is a great hobby.


jmc, 11/2/2011
CCRS member since: 4/2/2003
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