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Re: coins, prices, and other

Thank you both, Rick, and carpman. Icould not open Irie;'s reply. Yhe reason for my question is that I was going to make a payment to another individual, and it did not involve ebay, other than thru paypal.I also wanted to know if the payment would be in Canadian, or US dollars. I knew that Paypal charged a fee,because I sent a payment, and the recipient, did NOT receive the full amount agreed upon! I don't like that! I don't short people, no matter what. In this case, I made the payment, in USD, and as a gift. I had put a check in the "other", space, and was charges nearly thelve dollars!

Then I changed it to gift, and the correct amount was charged to my account, and the recipient received the correct amount. These things should be 'common knowledge", to all, but one finds out, AFTER ripping off someone. I only buy. I am not, and have never been a seller. I appreciate younguys taking the time to explain the "ins and outs of this thing! For those who will celebrate the "Turkey day, tomorrow, eat hearty, sleep well, and may Lady Luck smile upon your nrxt find/buy, or sale, as the case may be. Dick

Dick, 11/23/2011
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