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Re: Canadian 1953 six coin silver proof-like set

Hi Don - since it appears you have not as yet purchased the set, you may have a little time for more research. 1953 sets can be quite different in quality, and viewing through the cellophane makes that task even more difficult. I concur that there are collectors who value coins in the original holders. I have had sets with virtually perfect cello including mint letters and envelopes, sell for beyond typical trends prices. However since the 53 sets were both PL and MS, one must be very careful if you are paying a premium, and buying at PL prices. The last 53 MS set I had, sold for somewhere in the 500$ range. It would be multiples of that if it were actually PL. So, a lot depends upon the actual sale price.

If it were my set, and I was sure it was of PL quality, I would get it certified. I prefer hard plastic, primarily for protection and for ease of viewing. If I wanted it left as is, and wasn't positive the coins were PL, I would seek a professional opinion.

Depending upon your location, you may want to walk it past some respected dealers. Based upon their opinions, you can then make a more informed decision. Ultimately, do what you think best. Ask opinions, but make your own decision. If it is left intact in the cello, remember to store it carefully and watch for cracks in the cello. This happens and can lead to some less than optimal toning. If the cent is full red, make all attempts to ensure it remains that way. Broken cello and the condition of your storage area (humidity and chemicals) can change such a cent fairly quickly.

If no dealers are close at hand, consider bringing it to a national show. In that arena, you can approach a number of dealers, collectors and auctioneers, all of whom will likely have an opinion to share. Don't be overly surprised if these opinions differ.

If Brian Cornwell at ICCS sees it, he should be able to give you a pretty accurate evaluation, though I am sure he would want it out of the plastic before he would offer any grading advice.

However you proceed, I am confident you will enjoy owning the set.


jmc, 11/27/2011
CCRS member since: 4/2/2003
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