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Re: new collector - start up help

A lot is determined by your level of interest. As with any new endeavor, knowledge is a key factor in determining your financial success vs your level of involvement. With numismatics, there is an old adage - buy the book before you buy the coin (or bill for that matter).

Charlton Press has many fine publications out there:


Any of these will get you started. Another thing you may want to consider is looking for a coin club in your area. Here is a link from the Royal Canadian Numismatic Assn.'s website:


Otherwise many collectors let their particular passions point there way into the collecting field. Some collect by denomination, others by type, still others by themes... there are many avenues open to you. A trip to your local library may also help narrow your focus.

As to the 1954 bill. As you research this, you will find there are the originals and the 1954 replacement notes. The originals, were replaced because of public concern over the Queen's hair. In the early issues, many people thought her hair resembled the devil's portrait. Hence, you may see these notes referenced as "devil's hair" pieces. Should yours be one, it will have a small premium attached to it. Remember also, that condition is the key. The closer to new (uncirculated) the more valuable the bill or coin become.

Good luck with your collection, and welcome to the CCRS website.


jmc, 12/24/2011
CCRS member since: 4/2/2003
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