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Re: Queen's Diamond Jubilee: RCM

We'll I think its certainly worthy of it being acknowledged by a commerative from the RCM, but I've learned my lesson with this stuff, and will only purchase one NCLT coin from the RCM for this occasion. I like the monarchy and its history within Canada, so I do need to purchase something. I wish I was previously considered a sporadic collector of RCM material as well. I got oodles and oodles of other RCM NCLT stuff, that I am beginning to sell, but I have come to realize, that I will never get a Trends or Charlton price for any of it, unless I'm willing to do all the leg work myself and try to find other collectors, that may want it. Some of the material i can't even get the original release price for it. I have now come to respect dealers and what they do to make it buck. It's got to be tough. I'm going to take the webmasters advice and make an appearance at some coin shows that are coming up in the next coming months, including Torex, to see how I make out. As much as I admire this occasion, and being alive to see it, I'm not going overboard what so ever in what I purchase. Martin.

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