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Re: Queen's Diamond Jubilee: RCM

Hi Martin - thanks for your reply. I learned the same lesson when I sold all my US holdings, which included many mint products. It was a weight taken off my back, no longer feeling the need to keep the set current. Lost a lot of money though, as many sets did not reach the mint issued sale price.

For the RCM, I typically purchase a few sets such as DD sets, specimen, and PL's (only if viewed) in the aftermarket. So I typically wait for 5+ years, then buy if I think the price is right, and below issue and trends.

Sets such as this may be the exception. I do look at mintage numbers, and often buy accordingly. Typically 1-2 coins every couple of years, if I like the design and see them as a possible "not money loser"


jmc, 1/4/2012
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