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Re: Queen's Diamond Jubilee: RCM

I colIect all denominations of Canadian coins, have a bunch of 1200-1800 British, even some Roman coins. I used to buy the mint sets, starting in the 60's. Then when the prestige sets came out, I would buy one also. In the 80's, I had to sell a lot of them, and found out the amount offered was below cost. The brakes were applied to future sets. The 90's were better financially and I bought several more sets, but holy cow, the prestige sets were out of my reach and when they started with the silver ones in 1996, YIKES, who can afford those but the high-end collectors. The other sets and silver dollars got out of reach for the regular guy. In 2000, I decided to not even look at the RCM offerings as the price of most is nuts, and most have no significance ( snowflakes with crystals, holographic butterflies, etc. ?) Relented to buy a coloured Santa but then found out there were a whole batch of different ones, plus hockey teams, Canada day coloured, birds, Anne of Green Gables, cats, dogs, sports, festivals, flowers, and countless other crap ad nauseum; it just got completely ridiculous. It has become a Mint money grab. I now only add to my collection only what are official, released for circulation coins unless I can find single proof coins cheap.

Terry T, 1/12/2012
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