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Re: Today was not the best coin dealer experiance

It takes all kinds ! There are people you learn to like and those you learn to avoid. Rude dealers are one of my biggest pet peeves. I am trying to promote our collector base here in Nebraska by encouraging our coin club members to participate as dealers at our local shows in order to build their collections and sell off their duplicates. I am selling off parts of my collection right now, and I know that going to a dealer's shop would not work at all (I am selling off ancients and building my Canadian collection). A couple times a year I set up at the local shows. It is cheap entertainment for a day or two, numismatic-filled conversation, lots of time to look over other dealer's stock, and the opportunity to sell your own things at reasonable prices. You can partner up with another club member or dealer friend...I guarantee you won't regret it. Cheers, Jim

Jim Bulmer, 2/15/2012
CCRS member since: 1/28/2007
Posts: 105
e-mail: jbulmer57@hotmail.com

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