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Re: Today was not the best coin dealer experiance

I have a couple of thoughts here. There could be all sorts of reasons why a dealer may not want to buy certain items, including lots of stock, limited resale market, or restricted cash flow. In those circumstances, quoting a low price may make sense, because that is the only price at which the dealer would be prepared to buy. Rudeness is another matter, and there is no conceivable reason for that. Instead, the dealer should be apologising for the low offer and explaining why, rather than being rude about the transaction.

The second post raises another thought. I think that as collectors, we become very used to, and comfortable with, buying; selling is another matter. We tend not to make too much of an effort to learn the best ways of selling, until selling is on top of us as a necessity. Learning who, and how to, sell in the dealer community is probably a very important lesson; learning to sell retail through a table at a show may not be something that all of us would do, but it too has a lot to say for it, as it is part of learning to be a good seller, as well as a good buyer.

AussieBob, 2/15/2012
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