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Re: Canadian Paper Money Forum

Theres one post from dec 30 here it is:

Wow, it was hard to register as a member of this forum. It must have taken 10+ tries or more. I sure am glad to be here, I felt like my resolve to begin collecting paper money was being tested by the site.

I bet no spammers get through, but wonder how many legitimate people give up in frustration.

My problems were.

1. only after I chose my password, and "finished" my registration, did the forum rule of uppercase, and lowercase, and digits kick in and reject my attempt. Would be nice to know this before choosing the password.

2. I use Gmail exclusively, like millions of others, and that was rejected as an "illegitimate" email address. Luckily I still have my old Lakehead University email, which is also a Gmail product, but the spam protection luckily didn't know that and allowed me to use it to register. I may never get CPF forum emails, but at least I'm in.

3. I put i after F,G,H, forgetting to capitalize.

4. It kept saying I was putting the wrong letters in the Captcha box, even though I was pretty sure I was getting them right, so I stopped using the "back" option, and started using the "register" button. Last try I changed #3 and #4 at the same time and it let me register so I don't know which one I was doing wrong.

Skylark, 3/10/2012
CCRS member since: 9/17/2004
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