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Re: 1953 PL versus specimen

Hi Steve - you have hit on one of my favorite complaints. Years ago, there were PL and SP strikes in both varieties - SF & NSF, for 1953. In more recent times, say the last 10-15 years, certain people decided SF were only issued in PL surfaces. This influenced grading companies as well. So, in my opinion, you can find some specimen SF strikes now in certified holders.

I did not notice that trends had changed this "rule", but am happy to hear they have. Different people running trends = different ideas.

Whether or not all SF issues are PL or SP, the reality exists: there are differences found in these strikes. So either there are PL and SP strikes, OR there are two different PL surfaces. I am inclined to believe the former - not the latter.

jmc, 3/30/2012
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