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Re: Appraising Grandfather's Collection

My thought on this is very much the same as expressed above, but... Consider this: Your grand father is the same age as I, and also a WWII Vet. Are there no collectors in the family? That is my situation, and it is not one that would make him, or me happy. It used to be that something "handed down" from the "Grand- father", was something very near, and dear to the heart. That does not seem to be the way of thinking, anymore. MONEY!!! That is all that is wanted! The more of it, the more they can spend. My situation is not bright, and one day I, and my wife, who is barely able to fet around with a "walker", will have to decide whether to "move in" with the oldest son. He has his eye on her life savings, all from her SS, and whatever is lefe over from the money she gets each month for groceries, etc. The left- overs were hers, from day one. She is an excellent shopper, so there is quite a bit of money. It would make the down-paym,ent on a "firve bed-room house", where we could live, with them. He and his wife are both retired. Their gross income is about one third more than mine. I have some left-over each month for coins, and the wifw makes a monthly visit to her favorite casino! We are not sufferiong, from income problems. We live in a mobile home. The son says, "I won't live in a "box"! He has l;ost houses for, "excess of payments", and also evicted from rentals, for the same reason. So much for family history.

My suggestion is to TAKE YOUR TIME, about doing anything about his coins! If there is no collecting instincts in any of the family, then he has little hope of seeing his "passion" protected, and enjoyed, as it was when he held control. Find out what he has. Find out what it might be worth. Uou didn't say if it is in Canada, or the US. You did start here, and that is a step in the right direction. There are several dealers here, anmd like Terry-T says, they are in business to make money. They can also give som,e very good advice on how, and where to begin evaluating the collection. In my case, I am very seriously considering donating all my Canadian collection to one who is making a catalog of the different coins. If my heirs are not interested in them, the one of whom I speak will surely enjoy using the extra coins, etc to make his catalog more inclusive, and thus more worth his time! At l;east, new collectors will have some place to find out what they have ib hand. Please excuse the typos, and errors, as I am legally blind, and not a typist.

Dick, 4/10/2012
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