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1880 W0/N0 25 cent piece

I recently picked up an 1880 W0/N0 25 cent piece with an A/V overpunch in the 'V' of Victoria and in reviewing coins in the Heritage Coin sales database noticed that this A/V seem sot be present on all the 1880 W0/N0 25 cents.

First question is whether that is an accurate assumption?

The second Question is, if ICCS has only certified 31 examples in all grades of the 1880 W0/NO 25 cents as compared to 416 W0 and 232 N0 examples (ref. ICCS 2013 pop report) and PCGS has certified just 8 examples, why does the W0/N0 trend at about 60% to 70% of the value of the W0 if its 10 or 12 times scarcer?

Conley B Hobbs, 1/9/2014
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